Associate Broker

December, 1990–Present

Curt Green & Company, LLC is professional full service commercial real estate brokerage and development firm in the Texarkana area. In the Texarkana market, for either new or existing facilities, considers us “the source” for office, retail or industrial properties. We always go the extra mile and respond faster than anyone else.

I started with Curt Green and Company 25 years ago when there was Curt, one secretary and myself. With Curt’s Vision and Leadership, we have grown to Texarkana’s largest Commercial Sales and Leasing Company. With Real Estate brokerage license in Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, we can cover all your Real Estate needs in the 4-States Area.

We have successfully leased, sold, constructed or developed more commercial property than any other Texarkana company. If you want professional assistance to lease, buy, sell or build commercial or industrial property call Curt Green & Company, LLC. We offer years of real estate experience and knowledge of the local market that is only attained through lifelong association with the city.

Owner of Texarkana Business Brokers

As a professional Business Broker I design a custom plan to promote your business to likely buyers.

We understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality, so information about your business is shared with potential buyers in stages as their level of interest heightens. Our brokerage firm does not disclose confidential information without a signed Confidentiality Agreement and a buyer application. We work toward a full disclosure with either an Offer to Purchase or a Letter of Intent to Purchase.

That’s not all! We use our banking and financing contacts to assist the buyer and arrange favorable financing. This includes traditional financing, small business loans (SBA) or the use of non-traditional lenders. By doing this, we can also help minimize the amount of seller financing.

I am a member of the Texas Association Texas Business Broker for 14 years and have served on the Board of Directors for the last 7 years.