Happy New Year From Curt Green & Company, LLC

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We pray you all enjoyed your holidays with your families and wish you many blessings throughout the new year!
Larry Bunn, Pinson Razaq, Curt Green, Jason Clanton, Phil Bishop

2012 over $20,000,000 in Volume!

Curt, Phil, Jason, Pinson and Larry of Curt Green & company worked together to help investors and businesses buy, sale and lease properties.


  • 50% Sold/Leased locally & 50% sold regionally 
  • Business Occupied Properties comprised 87% of  total sales volume (41 transactions) These properties are currently occupied by or they are under construction/ renovation and will be occupied by a business before the end of 2013. Of these sold, 8 were vacant commercial buildings / properties for a total of $2,900,000,these properties were restored/remodeled and now are home to thriving businesses.
  • New Construction Development Sitescomprised 23% of total number of sales transactions (13 transactions) Resulting in new commercial property development/construction, totaling approx. $15.2 million, for new/expansion/relocation   business. (Average of $1.2 million per development site sold)
  • Net Leased Investment Sales:  Comprised 57% of total number of sales transactions, 9 transactions
  • 2013 Sales Pending:  $8,300,000 (9 transactions)

Miller Count Economic Seminar

miller court eco

January 8, 2013, REA Building Texarkana AR. 
Hosted by Curt Green & Company.

Curt Green & Company organized, hosted and moderated, an Economic Seminar on Tuesday, January 8, 2013.  Curt’s vision was to bring the leaders in the city of Texarkana Arkansas and the surrounding cities, together with  Miller county Judge and Quorum Court members. The purpose was to educate the leaders on economic development, to get them to realize that no one is an island, but that we are all dependent upon each other for revenue and growth.

Invitees include elected officials:  AR State Senator Jimmy Hickey, Judge Larry Burgess, Mayor Wayne Smith, Miller County Quorum Court, City of Texarkana Board of Directors, School board presidents for TASD, Genoa & Fouke, Mayors of Garland City & Fouke