Looking Back…
2013 was another exceptional year for Curt Green & Company and C2C Real Estate Services. The combined companies closed over $24,000,000 in Volume in 2013. Nearly 64% of our volume was from investment real estate. Curt Green and Company prides itself on educating and partnering with individuals interested in investing in commercial real estate as a profitable and stabilizing asset in their investment portfolio.  As part of that initiative, our company will continue its introduction to investment real estate luncheons beginning in February.

In addition to real estate brokerage, Curt Green & Company and C2C Real Estate Services, developed and built over $16,000,000 in multiple projects in Arkansas and Texas. Locally, some of our projects included the Wadley Senior Clinic and Farm Credit. Currently, C2C and Curt Green & Company have over $32 million in projects under development with another $35 million projected for the year, including assisted living facilities and national tenant childcare centers in addition to office and retail.

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